Sunday, August 11, 2013



We are building the skyscrapers of superior complex
Whereas living with the inferiority complex

Paths and pavements are being constructed in broad-way;
Our minds and feelings are stuffed with narrow-way

We spend plenty;
Getting yield is tiny

Big houses are being built well;
Small home is to dwell

Lot of facilties is available;
Short of time is usable

Certifications are being obtained for intelligence;
Having lack of knowledge and experience

We have known lot of information
And utilize under justified discrimination

Scholars are grown multiplication
Same as are grown confusion

We have surplus of Medicines’ discovery;
We do not have much recovery

Belongings are being more and more grown
Values and respects of them have come down

We use our tongue to talk lavishly more and more
Love is shortened; scorn rules in the hearts’ core

we have learnt to produce livelihood:
But not how to live well mood

For life we are entering the Year in the scroll;
For span of life, not entered the soul

We have climbed up to sky
But not to see the people nearby

Even though won in sophisticated nature
We have failed to regularize the infrastructure

we have cleaned the atmosphere outer
But failed to clean the powerful soul inner

We have known how to shatter the Atom’s part
Have we learnt how to shatter the squalor of heart?

We are receiving highest pay:
We do not look after much disciplinary way

We had obtained quantity;
But not in quality

Profits have been multiplied;
But relationships have been deducted

For “Word Peace” Summit Conference held in foreign land
Crematorium is being created by riots in home land!

So many kinds of food are being daily cooked;
But, low nutrition only is being really looked

Husband and wife are earning and getting income both way
But, divorce is being grown; that is a shame in another way

We are dwelling in decorated house;
But, keeping the hearts with mess

We have built windows with ornamental look outside;
Nothing is kept in the locker’s inside

As now-a-days we got progress in the technology
Do not try to erase these words of my ideology!!

Written by:
kavianban KALAM


  1. //We are building the skyscrapers of superior complex
    Whereas living with the inferiority complex//
    dear kakka,
    the poem quotes a strong words that
    to break a barrier,(inferiority complex)
    but we are the carrier(practicing it in our daily life)
    to change,
    we have to watch,
    on the match
    go with quran-sunnah
    we can do it,insha ALLAH

    we should take OATH
    to go that right PATH

  2. //We had obtained quantity;
    But not in quality//

    You have been collecting honey;
    And giving like money.